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Eight Planets         by Jeff Hale ©2006
This is the story of eight little planets.                          Em7  C7 Am
Way out there in the milky way..                                Em7  C7 Am
We've got the sun and Hailey's comet.                       Em7  C7 Am
We have the night we have the day.                           B
The sunís the center, itís a star.                                 Em7  C7 Am
Itís closer to us than the other stars are.                     Em7  C7 Am
A hot ball of gas of burning flame                              Em7  C7 Am
in the middle of the elliptical plane.                             B                                 Break EmCAmx2
Eight planets circle the sun.                                     Em  C  D
The sunís in the center of the solar system.             Em  C  D
Around they go in revolution.                                  Em  C D
Itís out solar system that we live in.                         C   D
A planets a body of rock and gas.                             Em7  C7 Am              
It orbits the sun in an elliptical path.                           Em7  C7 Am
Eight planets revolve our sun.                                    Em7  C7 Am
Can you name each and every one?                           B
Learning the planets can be fun.                                 Em7  C7 Am
Mercury is the closest to the sun.                               Em7  C7 Am
Then come Venus Earth and Mars.                           Em7  C7 Am
The inner planets are rocky hard.                               B                                 Break EmCAMx2
Repeat chorus
The outer planet is not so hot.                                     Em7  C7 Am
Itís made of gas , has a great red spot.                       Em7  C7 Am
The red spot is a hurricane.                                         Em7  C7 Am
Jupiter is the planets name.                                         B
Next planet out has a system of rings                         Em7  C7 Am
made of ice, dust and other things.                            Em7  C7 Am
18 moons , 10 hour turn.                                          Em7  C7 Am
The planet with rings is Saturn.                                  B                                 Break EmCAMx2
Whatís the planet with the greatest season? It must be Uranus for a very good reason.
It rolls on itís side as it orbits the sun. In Earth years each lastís 21.
The blue giant is way out there. Farther than Pluto for 20 Earth years.
This blue planet has 8 moons. Itís the one and only Neptune.
Repeat chorus
Change to slow feel
It used to be a planet now itís only a rock. It has a twin. Is it a moon or not?
Well I don't care what they say. I love Pluto anyway.
 Repeat chorus