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Gibbous Some O Dat Moonshine           by Jeffrey Hale 2006
Hey, I see the moon
Look over there its coming up soon.                                    Em7  Dbar   Cbar
Reflected light is shining bright
It shines day or night.
The moon is a  satellite.
I watch the moon as it rises an hour later each day.               Em7  Dbar   Cbar
Moving up on horizon, What causes that delay?
Moving up I wonder why.
An hour later it takes its flight.
The moon is a satellite.
Gibbous some o dat moonshine  to light the night.                         A  G  A  G

Wake up the wild life tonight with a satellite.                        A 

I saw the moon  change its shape each & every day.                Em7  Dbar   Cbar
Getting larger it would wax, getting smaller it would wane.
The moon is new and then a crescent. It's half in 7 days.
The gibbous moon turns to full so bright.
Then the gibbous moon turns to fall in the night it lights our way.

The Earth moves the moon moves these are the reasons why            Em7  G  D  A
27 1/4 days the moon revolves on by.                                           Em7  G  D  A
The Earth spins it rotates 24 hours a day                                    Em7  G  D  A
The revolving moon lags behind and the Earth slips away.               Em7  G  A  B
repeat chorus                                                                             A  G  A  G
                                                                                                 A  B  C  D
Hey I see the moon.                                                                    Em7  Dbar   Cbar
Look over there its going down.
Its going down.

 ending  3x (Em7  A   G  Em7)    3rd time go to B   C  D Em7  Dbar   Cbar