spinning earth gif

Day & Night           by Jeff Hale 2006                G w/ bass notes F B C
Look east toward the horizon
as a brand new day begins.
Waves of light are arriving,
the sun's rising and the earth spins.  
As the sun falls to the west
the colors tell the tale,
of days gone by, the sun has set.
Now darkness will prevail.
Chorus                                                                        A  G  F
This is the cycle of day and night.
Light turns to darkness and darkness turns to light.
The sun comes up. The sun goes down.
The Earth revolves around and around.                 C descending back to G
24 hours later the cycle starts again.
The Earth rotates on its axis,
from east to west it spins.
The axis runs from north to south.
The planet is a sphere,
rotating 365 times
around in just one year.
repeat chorus  (talk)
A day on the planet Venus                                                     key change up 1 step to A
is almost beyond belief.
Over 3 million hours in one day
and the sun sets in the east.
Try to explain this observation.                       key change back down to G
would you say that Venus rotates?
It spins in the opposite direction at a much slower rate.                    
repeat chorus