skeleton walk gif

Dem Bones
by Jeffrey Hale 2001

The cranium and mandible are bones of the skull.
Sitting on top of your backbone.
The clavicle's the collar bone the scapula's the blade
of our shoulder. That's how we're made.
Bones of the spine vertebrae and discs,
a tail at the end sacrum and coccyx,
attached to the hip bone ,the pelvis
The number of bones is 206.


Here's the skeleton from head to toe.
Its holding you up and makeing blood that flows.
Bones protect what's inside .
And yes, those bones are alive.

Metacarpals. carpals hands and wrists.
phalanges are the fingers. Grip and make a fist.
Radius, ulna and humerous are bones of the arms.
Reach and blow a kiss .
Our thigh bone is the longest bone that's for sure.
Its a real long bone called the femur.
Tibia, fibula. and petella are the bones in our legs.
Lets all stand up.

repeat chorus

The bones in our hands are much like our feet.

Metatarsals, tarsals, and phalanges.
Calcaneous bone is in our heel
Now you know your bones. How does it feel?

repeat chorus