Chew it Up            By Jeffrey Hale 2001

Chew it up. Move it all around.

Digestive system will break it down.
Break it down, break it down.

Haven't eaten for awhile. You 're getting kind of weak

Your blood sugars down. I think it's time to eat.
Something sour or maybe something sweet.
Energy comes from the food you eat.
One kind of food, carbohydrate
is energy from the plants you ate.

Proteins build cells and do repair.
Fats store energy enough to spare.

repeat chorus

Eat some food. What's all the fuss?

Food goes down the esophagus,
down to the stomach, through intestine
then absorbed into the blood stream.
Your liver keeps your blood clean.
It takes out the stuff you do not need.
You don't need it, so it's out of this place,
out of your body to eliminate waste.

repeat chorus

When your hungry it's time to feed.

Are you getting all the things you need?
Just one question about nutrition
Are you getting all your vitamins?
Lots of fiber and fruits and grains
keeps the system running without the stains
Drink enough water so you don't dry out.
Don't eat too much that your belly pops out.

repeat chorus   Break it down x3