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Messengers of Endocrine
        By Jeffrey HaleŠ2001

The messengers of endocrine are going to make a change
Released into your system so a balance is maintained.
If you need to send a message you just might use your phone.
A message from your body is sent by a hormone.

They can give you special feelings that you can't put into words.

When a hormone is a flowing you just might get an urge.
From glands they are secreted. They travel through your veins.
Once they get to where they're needed, they bring about a change.

Let's tap our feet and clap our hands
When they secrete from our glands.
Hormones are sent from deep within.
They messengers of endocrine.

In the glands of endocrine blood sugars bout to change.

The pancreas makes insulin to bring it within range.
If there is a shock to your system Adrenal gland kicks in
releasing some adrenaline for strength of ten strong men

repeat chorus

Pituitary keeps you growing by releasing growth hormone.
When that hormones flowing, you'll grow untill your full grown.
The thyroid is a gland that controls the rate of metabolic functions that tend to fluctuate.

repeat chorus


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