Rythm of the Pulse                By Jeffrey Hale 2001

Feel the beating of your heart.
To the rhythm of the pulse.
Round and round and round your blood flows.
Arteries are shaped like tubes.
They carry blood to where it's used.
Cells are where the air's exchanged.
Then blood goes back up through the veins.

Feel the rythym of your heart.
It's been beating from the start.

There's 4 chambers in your heart.

Blood enters the right atrium. Tricuspid valve then opens
Into the right ventricle, until that chamber becomes full.
Through the lungs the blood is carried by the artery called pulmonary.

Feel the beating of your heart.
To the rhythm of the pulse.
Your blood flows. Your blood flows.

Fresh with oxygen from lungs back to heart in left atrium.

Through mitral valve to left ventricle.Then that chamber becomes full
Through aorta blood leaves the pump, to the body with oxygen.
Feeding your cells then back to the start through the vena cava into your heart.

repeat chorus

It's the cardiovascular system for the purpose of circulation.

It's the inside transportation of life's amazing creation.
Let's talk about blood for a while . Phagocytes, lymphocytes make me smile
protecting us against invasion. Warriors of our immune system.
Red blood cells with hemoglobin attached with molecules of oxygen.
If your skin gets scrapes and cuts it's sealed up again with the blood platelets.