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Muscle Groove                      
By Jeffrey Hale 2001

Flex your arms. Reach for the sky.
It's good for your muscles when you exercise.
Working those muscles keeps you healthy and strong.
Working them out can help you live long.
Three kinds of muscles help you move.
skeletal, cardiac and smooth
Bones moved by skeletal, blood by cardiac,
smooth move food through your intestinal tract.


Three kinds of muscles help you move

Skeletal, cardiac, and smooth. x2

Skeletal muscles they don't work alone.

Stringy tendons attach muscle to bone.
One muscle to flex, the other to extend.
They work in pairs when you walk, jump, or swim.
Muscles get shorter when they contract.
Try to make them long again, well just relax.
Put the pedal to the skeletal when you're making a run.
Walking , hopping, and jumping is so mush fun.

repeat chorus

Some muscles move only when you think.

Others by themselves like a swallow or a blink.
Voluntary muscles are under your control.
Involuntarys work when you don't even know.

repeat chorus



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