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Your Body Needs Oxygen
           by Jeffrey Hale 2001

Let's inhale through our nose and mouth, in  out.

Take some air. In it goes.
In and out when we respire.
To feed the flame of our body's fire.


Take some air, then breathe deep, your body needs oxygen.
If you stop breathing you'll suffocate.
Breathe some oxygen before it's too late.

The muscle for breathing is the diaphragm.

When it goes down the air comes in.
When it goes up the air goes out.
It pushes out the air when you scream and shout
The more you move the faster you breathe,
the faster you breathe the oxygen you need.
Cells are working. They need energy
from the food you eat and the air you breathe.

repeat chorus

Air comes in through our nose and mouth.

down through the trachea the air is going south.
The bronchial tubes send it left and right
into the lungs through the wind pipe.
inside your lungs the little air sacs
called alveoli filled up with gas
carbon dioxide we do not need,
so we push it out when we breathe.

repeat chorus

Breathe it in - breathe it out -breathe it in - breathe it out -and in

Now listen here to some good advice.

If you pick up bad habits it can shorten your life.
Be careful what you put into your lungs,
even if for the moment it might seem like fun.
Hear what I say cause it's no joke.
It can make you cough it can make you choke.
It can make some people fall over and croak.
So be good to yourself and just don't smoke.
Be good to yourself and just don't smoke.
Be good to yourself . Be good to yourself .
Be good to, be good, to be good to yourself.


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