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Pearly Whites
               by Jeffrey Hale 2001

Go ahead and count them. See how many you've got.

Starting from the bottom then all of them on top.
If you're all grown up, 32's the count.
But if you are still a pup it won't be that amount.

When you're young and growing you grow 2 sets of teeth.

Primary teeth are showing with permanents underneath.
primary teeth get loose. In time they all fall out.
You'll grow another tooth and the tooth fairy comes out.


Do it every morning. Do it every night.
Do it after eating. Brush those pearly whites.
Pull out the string. Show'm who's boss.
To clean the spaces in between, don't forget to floss.

Incisors are your front teeth, canine's next to them.

Bicuspids are your back teeth with molars at the end.
A tooth is set in gums. It has a root and crown.
The crown's above the gingiva and the root holds it down.

repeat chorus

Bacteria are critters that live around your teeth.

They feed on bits of food left behind after you eat.
They change the food to acid which can eat your tooth away
in little holes called cavities, the start of tooth decay

repeat chorus x2


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