Skin Hair and Nails by Jeffrey Hale ©2001

Hey! Mr. Barber can you cut my hair? Feathered in the back, and trimmed around the ears.
Give me a style that will make them stare. Sticking straight up into the air.
Listen son, you're getting kind of hairy. Rough around the edge, looking kind of scary.
Have a seat in the chair. Hi my name is Larry. Lets cut the hair of your integumetary.

chorus: Hair, nails, and skin protect what's within.
It's the integumetary system - integumetary system

Went to salon to see a beautician. She asked me what I did for a living.
I play the guitar. I'm a musician. My nails are too long. Would you please trim um.
Oh my my your nails are very long. I bet it's pretty hard to play that song.
Have a seat in the chair. My name is Madam Carrie. I'm gonna trim the nails of your integumetary.

repeat chorus

looked in the mirror and low and behold. There's a zit growing on the tip of my nose.
Oh no uh uh that zit has got to go. It won't look good for my very next show.
Doc can you cure my epidermis? That's my job I'm a dermatologist.
Have a seat in the chair. Hi I'm Dr. Kildary. Lets unclog that pore of your integumetary

repeat chorus

I tried to get a tan. Will I ever learn? I stayed out too long and got a sun burn.
Not enough melanin to block the light beam. Next time I better use sun screen.
Hey my little girl, I didn't mean to scare ya. I have a sun burn and I need some Ala Vera.
So if you wouldn't mind, I'm getting kind of weary, would you rub some Ala Vera on my integumetary.

repeat chorus

I'm out on the court, working out a lot. I'm winning the game but I'm getting kind of hot.
The sweat from my skin is dripping off my head. I'm breathing really hard & my face is turning red. Hey Billy Jean can we take a rest. I'm dripping wet and hot from all this sweat.
Oh no your not, quite the contrary. Sweat cools off your integumetary.

repeat chorus





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