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So many Stars                  by Jeffrey Hale 2006                       funky    F#    A B

Look up at a star. Gaze into its light.                          F#    A         B
You can see its history and learn about its life.           F#    A         B
Some stars are bright. Some you barely see               Db
A measure of shine is luminosity                                F#
Break   E F# (x2)A  G Drum Break
Chorus                                                                         F#   A     B  change rhythm
So many stars are shining in your eyes.
So many stars are lighting up the skies.
So many stars are sending out their beams.
So many stars to wish apon your dreams.

Intre Break
If a star is far away its shine is not so bright.                F#
The closer that it gets the more we see the light.          A         B
Consider its color and then you’ll know for sure.           F#
Its color will tell you its temperature.                            A         B
If a star is red, it’s relatively cool.                                Db
But if it’s hot instead, its color will be blue.                   F#
Break F# Drum Break
Repeat chorus- intre break
How far is that star? You may ask.                              F#
You can find the answer with parallax                          A         B
Closer stars move more against the back                       F#
Farther stars have a shorter track                                 A         B
Come on now go ahead and try it                                  Db
Put your finger up and move your eyes by it                  F#
Break F# Drum Break
Distances in space are unbelievable.                        G     Dm7 (bar)                 
Earth to sun is astronomical.                                    G     Dm7 (bar)
6 trillion miles is one light year.                                 Am7(bar) Gm7(bar) 
It's a long time before light gets here.                       F#m7(bar)
Intre break
Repeat chorus intre Break F# end 
Wish apon a star.