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Here Comes the Sun
      by Jeffrey Hale 2006
What’s the sun? What’s it like?                                     Dm (to open Cnote 2nd string)
Why’s the sun shining so bright?
Sending its energy out in waves
Ultraviolet, gamma, and tiny x-rays
Micro, radio, waves of our vision
These are  electromagnetic spectrums.
Here comes the sun. Here comes the light.                                 Bb  C  Dm       
Here comes the sun shining so bright.                                         Bb  C  Dm
Here comes the sun with all its might.                                          Bb  C  Dm  C  Bb
Here comes the sun into life.                                                       Bb  C  Dm
The sun’s a star of hydrogen gas.                                               Dm (to open Cnote 2nd string)
It fuels the present it. It fuels the past.
For a great long time the fuel will last.
In the fusion of helium gas.
In its core the fusion’s going on.
Sending energy through the radiation zone
Through convection zone and the chromosphere
The corona is the atmosphere.
Repeat chorus
If you’re in the north and see a colorful night.                  Dm (to open Cnote 2nd string)
Solar wind is a wonderful sight
Plasma gas will light up the sky.
Emitting the waves of northern lights.
On the photosphere the surface can change
Causing our weather to act very strange
Areas appear like little dark spots
In an 11 year cycle of sunspots.
Repeat chorus